by Peripheral Cortex

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Demo 2016


released March 22, 2016

All tracks recorded during spring 2015 at Spirale Studios, Berlin, Germany. Recording Engineer : Lenz Lambrecht

Vocals recorded in October 2015 at Harris Johns / Music Lab Berlin (Sodom, Kreator, Tankard...), Germany. Mixing & mastering done by Mendel Bij De Leij (Aborted, Oracles, Mendel) in February 2016.

* No special FX were used on vocals *

All music written by Rob and arranged by Peripheral Cortex, except for 'Rupturing Aeons' co-written by Jorrit.
Lyrical concepts & art direction by Jo.

Band photo by Tom Ehrhardt /


Jo : Vocals
Rob : Bass
LJ : Guitars
Chris C : Drums
Chris B : Guitars



all rights reserved


Peripheral Cortex Berlin, Germany

Berlin's finest Technical Death Metal band without a doubt!

Band photos by:
Nils Radeisen

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Track Name: Rupturing Aeons
Lyrics: Rupturing Aeons

From obscure paths
Within dim dimensions
There was a light
Performing all operations

Compelling energies created the essence of being
From chaotic matter and particles intertwining
And interstellar ruptures emerged from mystery
Pertinent to aspects which remain unexplained

And existence became materialized
By utterance of the ineffable verb
And flesh conceived, divine spark deep within
Portraying resemblance between creator and kin

Be a false creator?
…or a true creator
An adept of duality
The primal state of man

Banished from Eden, far from the Tree of Life
A perilous approach deviating from servitude
Plunged in ordeal devoid of sanctimony
Out of deistic anger, godship networks severed

Born, of the earth, with elements of the divine
New sons, of the firmament, shall come and prevail

As above, so below – the lineage of god and man
An antithesis to core of perfection sublime
Unbound from constraints – the serpent’s deviation
Embracing the manifolds of attained wisdom

Rupturing of aeons,
A new age drew forth
Allured by the light bearer
A new seed got conceived
Track Name: Ascending the Periphery
Lyrics: Ascending the Periphery

Banished amid barren domains
And reduced to fragility
Immured deep within constraints
Upon vast plains of asperity
Spiraled towards voids of perdition
Devoid from grace and sublimity
Infused in deranging revulsion
I relight the flame of acrimony

Ascending this peripheral shell
Of a shallow existence
Plunged from glory I strive to dwell
In perpetual resilience
Unbound by strength and shrilling yell
To strike in fiery vengeance
Against restraints I long to quell
Beseeched by a crave for

“Glance into the world,
Just as though time were gone:
And everything crooked,
Will become straight to you”
(F. Nietzsche)